Sabonete Portus Cale Gold & Blue 40g - Stoc Casa
Sabonete Portus Cale Gold & Blue 40g - Stoc Casa
Sabonete Portus Cale Gold & Blue 40g - Stoc Casa

Portus Cale Gold & Blue Soap 40g

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Portus Cale soaps are the result of a careful ingredient selection process, which includes a 100% vegetable base and exclusive, high-quality perfumes, manufactured in Europe. Carefully minted, hand-packaged and carefully designed, they are a true affordable luxury.

Happiness in the form of a soap
In an admirable choreography that is repeated every new day, the experienced hands of our artisans give shape to a product made with the finest ingredients, following artisanal manufacturing techniques perfected over decades. We modernized this very Portuguese tradition, adding packaging with illustrations full of subtleties from the imagination of our talented designers. The end result is a product where what's inside is as good as what's on the outside.

More than a soap, an authentic gift
This is a gift you will want to give (and receive)!
Handcrafted and hand-wrapped by artisans from Castelbel, in Portugal.
We recommend that you use a soap dish that allows the necessary water to drain to help keep your soaps perfect until the end of use.
Precautions for use: avoid contact with eyes.

AROMATIC NOTES: Pink pepper and jasmine
SIZE: 40g

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