Umage Idea LED Lamp 2W (4.5 cm)

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With a focus on the environment and light quality, UMAGE designed the Idea 2W 45mm bulb, a smart A++ LED bulb that pays homage to the beautiful and simple design of the original Thomas Edison bulb. Offering a soft, bright white glow that lights up immediately when the light is turned on, this Idea lamp has a high color rendering index to mimic the vivid light found in nature. Compared to classic lamps, it is a great non-toxic energy-saving solution and always stays cool throughout its entire service life.


REF: 4039
MATERIALS: Glass, LED filaments
DIMENSIONS: Ø: 4.5 cm, height: 8 cm
LIGHT: 2200k, 130lm, >90ra
E27 2W
220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
USE: Indoor, not adjustable
LIFETIME: 15000 hours
DESIGNER: Umage Design Team

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